In December 2018, SEARCH, Inc. and AldrichPears presented the 75% schematic drawings of the exhibits to the Coast Guard.

The exhibit layout builds on the work of the Museum Exhibit Advisory Panel (MEAP), comprised of 25 non-profits dedicated to preserving the heritage and culture of the Coast Guard. The MEAP developed the five main storylines. The exhibit floors comprise the Safety Deck, which consists of the Coast Guard gallery to introduce visitors to the service and its missions and the Lifesavers Around the Globe wing, along with Coast Guard vessels. The Security Deck features the Defenders of Our Nation and Enforcers on the Seas wings. The Stewardship Deck tells the story lines of Champions of Commerce and Protectors of the Environment.

For the 75% Schematic Design submittal, AldrichPears Associates created conceptual sketches of selected galleries and exhibits.

The conceptual approach for the exhibits is a direct response to a challenge of immersing visitors in the thrill, excitement and challenge of Coast Guard duties while instilling a deeply personal sense of pride in the values for which the Coast Guard stands.

The December presentation was attended by 20 stakeholders including members of the Coast Guard Historian’s Office, including historians, curators and museum specialists, the Museum Exhibit Advisory Panel (MEAP) members and the Museum Association. The group reviewed additions and deletions made in the previous design stage and the latest thinking on gallery layouts and sketches.

The exhibit design goal is to put the visitor in the shoes of Coast Guard men and women, offering opportunities to solve problems, learn real skills and interact with virutal members of the service. The exhibit design team from AldrichPears Associates presented several new conceptual sketches of how museum visitors might do just that.

Four key messages will be woven throughout the exhibits, acting as filters through which to tell Coast Guard stories and integrate engaging visitor experiences.

Real skills, real results. Members of the Coast Guard need real world skills to undertake 11 different missions.

One team working together. No mission is completed alone—it takes a Coast Guard crew along with other agencies and industry partners to succeed.

Coast Guard Culture. Coast Guard life is shaped by the values, traditions, and heroism of the men and women who serve valiantly.

Past, present and future. The Coast Guard has had an important impact on the nation and the world since 1790 which will continue into the future.

The Museum’s STEM Discovery Center will introduce students to the technology developed for the modern Coast Guard.

The Museum’s STEM Discovery Center will introduce students to the technology developed for the modern Coast Guard.

Together, the galleries and programmatic spaces provide a varied menu of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based learning experiences at the STEM Discovery Center, and leadership development programming with public/private partnerships.

As a hub of experiential learning, the Museum will stimulate young minds and motivate the next generation of Coast Guard service members, engineers, scientists and innovators.

The conceptual exhibits and sketches above are subject to change, and may, or may not be used in the final exhibit design of the National Coast Guard Museum. The exhibit detail design is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.