Project Timeline

The last 18 months have seen a flurry of activity across the multiple elements of this complex project. The Museum Education Initiative, comprised of educators and museum experts, which designed the aspirational visitor experience and STEM Discovery Center, is complete and has been shared with the Coast Guard. With this exciting vision, in July, the Coast Guard contracted with SEARCH, Inc. who subcontracted with AldrichPears to design the interior exhibits using the first $5 million of an expected $30 million in Federal funding. The timing of organizing and distributing spaces is on track with the design development of the architectural plans by Payette. Read more on pages 8-9.

Another major milestone was achieved in September when the entire design and pre-construction team met with Coast Guard facilities leadership to agree on construction materials, commit to LEED certification and affirm the museum design.

In June 2018, the State of Connecticut bonded its commitment of $20 million to provide safe pedestrian access to the Museum and the waterfront. State and City of New London engineers have met with us to ensure sequencing of the public access project. Current funding brings the project into mid-2019 through completion of the construction design documents. Once permitting is completed the Museum will be shovel ready.

In order to begin Construction Phase 1, $10 million in new contributions must be secured by fall 2019. This phase consists of site preparation including bulkhead and fill and pile driving to support the museum structure. Construction Phase 2 includes the construction of the museum exterior and the pedestrian access walkway.