Retired Flag Officer and Senior Executive Service Campaign


The leadership and longstanding passion of USCG Retired Flag Officers and Senior Executive Service members galvanized shipmates and led the world's finest Coast Guard. You answered the call, and now you are needed to answer the call again – this time as leaders among your peers in bringing the first-ever National Coast Guard Museum to life.

As part of the effort to build a Museum, one that celebrates America's maritime story and honors those who serve, Flag Officers and SES members are encouraged to pledge at a level comparable to your rank, which can be paid over a period of five years.

Admiral (O-10) Level: $25,000

Vice Admiral (O-9) Level: $15,000

SES and Rear Admiral (O-8 or O-7): $10,000

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Director Emeritus RADM John Faigle is leading this initiative with strong support from current Museum Association Board members ADM Jim Loy, ADM Bob Papp, and RADM Rick Larrabee. Together with the National Coast Guard Museum Association, they have secured commitments from all living former Commandants and a number of enthusiastic former Service leaders. Now is the opportunity for all Flag and SES members to demonstrate your commitment and lead by example with a gift to this most worthy cause.

When this Campaign reaches its goal of $1,000,000, our group will be recognized as a sponsor of a ‘gallery of exhibits’ within the Museum. Recognition at this level is usually reserved for individual or corporate donors, but we want to provide special recognition to highlight our group’s leadership. As an example of this high-level recognition, an artistic conceptual rendering by Gallagher & Associates of the ‘Polar Research and Exploration Gallery’ below recognizes the generosity and leadership of LT J.D. Power, III.


Thank you again for your interest and support of the National Coast Guard Museum!