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April 13, 2018

NCGMA Applauds Action by Connecticut Bond Commission to Commit $19.5 Million to Support Safe Access to National Museum, Intermodal Transportation Facilities, and Waterfront in New London

The action today by the Connecticut State Bond Commission is another significant milestone in the effort to build the National Coast Guard Museum in New London.  In anticipation of the $10 million annual economic impact and estimated 300,000 visitors each year, the forthcoming National Coast Guard Museum continues to be endorsed at both the federal and state levels. Today, the Connecticut State Bond Commission approved $19.5 million of the $20 million the state had pledged to the Museum initiative, to be drawn down as required to coordinate the concurrent construction of the Museum and pedestrian walkway. The State previously released $500,000 to support the preliminary design phase.

“In addition to honoring the devoted men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard, the new national Museum represents a great economic development opportunity for our state.  It adds to the growing list of things to see and do in southeastern Connecticut and will provide a major boost to the local economy,” said Governor Dannel Malloy.  “Approval of this funding demonstrates the state’s unwavering commitment to this project and brings the City of New London one very important step closer to hosting this national attraction.”

The funds will support the construction of a pedestrian bridge, which will safely guide visitors over the railroad tracks to the National Coast Guard Museum along the historic waterfront in New London, CT. The elevated walkway also offers benefits for the public with much needed handicapped access over the tracks to the waterfront park, trains, Long Island ferries, and public walkways along the river, as well as to the new Museum.

State funding is welcomed at this time to ensure concurrent planning, design development, and completion of the project. The National Coast Guard Museum Association is accelerating progress of the design of the overall Museum, completion of the required environmental assessment, permitting and pre-constructions activities, and development of the Museum’s desired visitor experience.

“Aligning the funding, design, and construction phases are essential for success, and will save taxpayer and donor funding by coordinating the design and construction,” said National Coast Guard Museum Association President and CEO Richard J. Grahn. “We remain grateful for the commitment of the federal government to the Museum project, as well as the State of Connecticut, City of New London, and thousands of our private supporters across the country.”

Once constructed, the 75,000-square-foot Museum will be a hub of experiential, interactive learning for all ages. Museum heritage galleries and exhibits will focus on the accomplishments of the Coast Guard’s remarkable history woven into themed storylines, while the Museum’s STEM Discovery Center will complement the exhibits and enrich the visitor’s educational experience. Interactive options being considered include a virtual shipmate guide through the Museum and a simulated Coast Guard Qualification program, which would encourage participants to garner knowledge, demonstrate competencies, and execute a mission in the Museum’s proposed simulation and gaming center.

“I am very supportive of the National Coast Guard Museum, and I applaud this important milestone,” said New London Mayor Michael Passero.  “I certainly recognize the importance of an integrated pedestrian bridge that addresses pedestrian safety concerns and provides convenient access to the Museum, ferry terminals, train station as well as access to our beautiful downtown waterfront.”

About the National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. (NCGMA)

The NCGMA will educate the public about the evolution of the maritime and military history of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and its contributions to America by designing, constructing, and developing programming for a museum. The Museum, currently in the detailed design phase along the historic waterfront of downtown New London, CT, will explore the USCG’s rich history, current impact on our Nation and the world, and its future service through interactive exhibits, programs, public and private partnerships, and STEM-based learning experiences. The NCGMA will achieve this through a capital campaign to raise $50 million or more from private sources and coordinate the use of $30 million in federal funding and $20 million in Connecticut state funding. Once established, the fully operational Museum will be gifted to the USCG and will be free to the public once opened. To learn more about the Museum project, visit coastguardmuseum.org.

Contact: Richard Grahn, President                                                                           rgrahn@coastguardmuseum.org