Making Way

Message from the President

To the Friends of the Museum,

As a long-time sailor, I can attest that one of life’s greatest thrills is casting off lines and getting underway. In recent months, I’ve experienced that same sense of excitement with our efforts to build a National Coast Guard Museum. We have transitioned from the dream of building a museum, to making this dream a reality through the efforts of our staff and a team of world-renown architects, designers, and engineers. Of course, getting underway is only the beginning of our journey. The critical next step is to engage the engines, making way toward that destination.

In that regard, the progress the National Coast Guard Museum project has seen in the past year is simply breathtaking. Our architects and consultants completed the schematic and design development phases and are on schedule to begin preparing construction documents shortly after the new year, with the intention of being shovel-ready by next fall. The U.S. Coast Guard contracted with an interpretive design firm to develop museum exhibits drawing from the fine work of our Museum Education Advisory Panel and Museum Education Initiative, which presented a final report and recommendations this year.

Richard Grahn, ADM Robert J. Papp, USCG (Ret.) RADM James Rendon RADM Andrew Tiongson, ADM James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.), Susan J. Curtin, Hon. Catherine W. Cook

Richard Grahn, ADM Robert J. Papp, USCG (Ret.) RADM James Rendon RADM Andrew Tiongson, ADM James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.), Susan J. Curtin, Hon. Catherine W. Cook

Our geotechnical consultants completed test borings on the site bringing a clearer understanding of subsurface materials and the location of bedrock. The pre-construction manager is analyzing our construction cost estimates along with proposed materials and methods to ensure good stewardship from design through operation.

Given this significant progress, I am also delighted, in a manner of speaking, to make way myself. The goal I set when I became President and Chief Executive Officer almost four years ago was to create an organization capable of carrying out the challenging mission of completing this undertaking. That goal has been achieved. At the end of this year, after a rewarding tenure, I will resume my role as general counsel to the Museum Association in order to concentrate on the legal issues involved with the project and to spend more time with my family. In turning over the helm to our Executive Director, Captain Wes Pulver, USCG (Ret.), my trusted partner these past four years, I am confident that we now have all the right pieces in place and under his leadership we will achieve our goal.

Thank you for letting me lead this very important effort to build a National Coast Guard Museum that will engage, educate and inspire visitors by honoring the courage, skill, and determination of the men and women of the Coast Guard.

Richard J. Grahn, President and CEO