About the Certificate

Plankowner Template.jpg

Behind the Imagery

Retired Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Schon Russell is the artist who put the certificate design together based on nautical tradition.  Before creating his design, Russell spent countless hours examining historical records to ensure the artwork will represent the Service well. The certificate pays tribute to many facets of the Coast Guard story, and highlights the organizations that were the foundation of the modern day Coast Guard.

The top left corner shows the likeness of one of the original 10 ships of the Revenue Cutter Service. Taking center stage is a lighthouse shining its beacon to portray the Lighthouse Service. The seal of the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation hearkens back to the beginnings of merchant vessel oversight. Representing the Life-Saving Service on the top right is an old surfboat and breeches buoy, used to bring stranded souls ashore.

Most of all, the Plankowner Certificate respects the past and highlights the sacrifice and service of all who have served in the United States Coast Guard.

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